July 6, 2022 / Employee Spotlight

Schmitt keeps his family tradition alive as a Walsworth employee

Written by Walsworth Staff

For the rest of this year, Walsworth will be featuring an Employee Spotlight series on its websites as part of the company’s celebration of its 85th anniversary. Walsworth’s people are our most important resource and the Employee Spotlights will give you a chance to get to know them better.

Willie Schmitt

Commercial Customer Support Marceline, Missouri

In the Commercial Customer Support department at Walsworth, we oversee everything from the time a book is quoted until it is shipped. Our job is to ensure our printed products come out exactly like the customer had hoped or even better!

I have only worked at Walsworth for six months, but between my father, grandfather, aunt, brothers and sister, my family has worked at Walsworth for over 100 years!

My father started working here before I was born and continues to work here to this day. He has worked at Walsworth for over 40 years! They have always treated him wonderfully.

After spending the last 13 years in retail sales and customer service, I decided it was time for me to follow in my father’s footsteps and join the Walsworth team. My transition to Walsworth was a big step, but my future is bright! I am sure many great memories are going to be made.

I look forward to continuing my career at Walsworth and can hopefully retire from here like my father will and like his father did before him.

The best thing about my job is being able to see a book transition from a piece of paper with a bunch of specs to a finished, bound product! Also, being able to help a customer’s vision for their book come true.

If I had a personalized coffee mug at work, it would say, “SCHMITT HAPPENS”

A fun fact about me is I run a DJ and karaoke service on the weekend, and I offer my DJ services for free to special causes. Come sing with me!

I am recently engaged to my very supportive fiancé Jackie and we are planning our wedding for October of 2023! We have two dogs, a 100-pound Golden Doodle and a three-pound Cavipoo.

I come to work every day to do all I can to support my household and my fiancé, Jackie.

When I’m not at work, I love that I can DJ and do karaoke on the weekends. I love MUSIC! Also, video games… I play any and every game I can in my free time. I am a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and I enjoy showing my love of the Chiefs!


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Walsworth Staff

These Employee Spotlight posts were written and submitted by Walsworth employees from all over the company. This series is intended to give you a look at all the wonderful folks that make our company what it is.