November 14, 2013 / 2013 Fall JEA/NSPA

Saint Clement adviser, students looking forward to first trip to JEA/NSPA

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Saint Clement School teacher Paul Nelson will be taking a group of students to the JEA/NSPA convention for the first time this week in Boston.

Nelson teaches computer science, photography, videography and web design at Saint Clement, a private school in Medford, Mass., just outside Boston, and also coordinates the yearbook and newspaper.

Four of Nelson’s students – Matthew Cameron, James Cameron, Sabrina Telemaque and Jason Yang – applied for and won scholarships to help them attend the convention as part of Walsworth’s 50 Scholars program. As the group heads into the city to attend their first convention, which kicks off later today, they’re all excited about the experience.

“It’s absolutely an honor to be able to take part in this,” said James Cameron, a freshman who is on both the yearbook and newspaper staff. “Sharing space with not hundreds, but thousands of people who share in a love for writing and reporting is mind-blowing.”

Yang said he’s looking forward to the expected turnout of more than 5,500 attendees.

“I would love to meet new people and learn more about journalism,” said Yang. “To me, this large attendance means more people will have more information. It also means that as more people come, more knowledge and information can be learned.”

Since this will also be the first JEA/NSPA convention for Nelson, he’s going into the experience with his own expectations.

“More than anything, I would like my students to be able to think more critically before they write,” said Nelson. “Too often, I find my students not thinking before they write articles, or not thinking critically enough on his or her topics.”

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Evan Blackwell, CJE

Evan Blackwell, CJE, is the Marketing Automation Supervisor for Walsworth. He's been a writer, editor and web content specialist for Walsworth for the past 15+ years, and is the author of the Yearbook Suite's "The Art of the Interview" unit. Prior to joining Walsworth, Blackwell spent five years as an award-winning newspaper and magazine journalist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas.