New Advisers Field Guide to Yearbook

By Jill Chittum, MJE and Mike Taylor, CJE

This unit explains everything first-year advisers need to know, as well as how and when to do it, to succeed their first year. It also provides great tips and serves as a refresher for veteran advisers, too.

Download a PDF of the New Advisers Field Guide to Yearbook here.


Congratulations! You have been given the job of yearbook adviser.

You have this all under control. After all, you’re a professional educator; you went to college to learn how to teach. You may even already be a veteran teacher. It is all going to be great. It really is!

No other classroom has the rewards you will find in the yearbook room. You will work with some of the best and brightest students on campus. You will challenge them to excel beyond their wildest dreams. You will shepherd students through completing a product encompassing a year’s worth of work and memories. That product will be cherished long past your lifetime.

There will be nights where you laugh, cry and cheer, all in a matter of five minutes. There will be nights where you dream of your students, the yearbook and yes, summer vacation. During all of those nights, we are here to help you, guide you and answer questions.

This unit is comprised of five sections. Each section contains practical and time-tested suggestions, a checklist to help you stay focused, and everything you need to be successful from day one. These sections include:

  • Preparing you
  • Preparing your classroom
  • Preparing your students
  • Preparing your school
  • Preparing to end the year

Download a PDF of the New Advisers Field Guide to Yearbook here.