November 1, 2004 / Staff Management / Winter 2004

Resources Close at Hand

Written by Marketing Staff

When it comes to mastering Adobe products such as InDesign, both Adobe and Walsworth have the materials to make training a snap.

At the training section of the Adobe website — training.html — there are links to a variety of training resources, including online courses, books, videos, and an Education page.

Web-based self-study courses developed by Adobe Certified Experts are available for almost all Adobe products. Users can try out the site with a couple of interactive courses in Photoshop and InDesign. For Photoshop and InDesign, an annual subscription of $59 buys one year of access to the training. While PageMaker courses are available with the $129 Publishing Collection subscription, this package also includes access to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.

Advisers who want materials in the classroom can order videos and DVDs. The website has a link to Total Training, an Adobe partner that provides training modules on disk with samples and example files the student can use to follow along with the movies. The benefit of these materials is that they can be reused by different students.

The Education page allows educators and students to take online training courses, see and try out other training resources, and look at specially priced products. The page also offers another curriculum link where, after registering, educators can download full PDF versions of several training books, including some Classroom in a Book titles. The address is

The Classroom in a Book series can be ordered from the book area of the website’s training section. Other books, including Real World Adobe InDesign 2 and Start with a Digital Camera, Second Edition, are available as well. When considering all of your training resources, though, do not overlook the guide that comes with the software.

Adobe Studios is a newer area of the Adobe training site. It contains tips and tutorials, training materials, and an area called Adobe Studio Exchange, where actions, plug-ins and helper files for different Adobe software can be downloaded. Most of these downloads are created and shared by other users, not Adobe. Users must register their names and email adresses to download any of the software or view the tips and tutorials available, but the registration and downloads are free.

Don’t Forget Walsworth
You can also get training, hints and tips from your own Walsworth sources. The Desktop Yearbook Guide, Digital Imaging Guide, At A Glance cards, Photoshop Enhancements CD, and the Getting Started/Follow My Lead movies contain a lot of information about the programs, as well as tutorials on using our Enhancements. You can also get a copy of the 2004 Workshop CD, updated every year, used by Walsworth for training on the Photoshop, InDesign and PageMaker software at summer workshops. It has PDFs of the workbooks, and is loaded with sample files, graphics and digital images to use as practice files.

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