Ready for the convention action to get started!

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You may barely be able to see me in this picture (hint: I’m the dude between the arrows!), but here I am standing outside the Oregon Convention Center just hours before the JEA/NSPA convention is to begin. I’m so excited!

outside convention centerI am looking forward to walking around the convention floor and visiting all of vendors who have come here to talk to people just like ME. I am also anxious to attend sessions that will teach me new and cool things to take home with me to use in our school’s yearbook.

Oh, on a side note, there are a ridiculous number of Starbucks here in this city. Yesterday at the airport I saw a Starbucks crammed into the space between the up and down escalators to the baggage claim. There is one right across the street from the hotel where I am staying, and at least two in the convention center itself. That’s like three within one city block! What’s all of this mean? That I am probably gonna be getting some Starbucks.

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April 15, 2010 at 1:31 pm, yearbookforever said:

Ready for the convention action to get started!

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