September 28, 2008 / Fall 2008 / Staff Management

Qualifications of reporters who stand out from the crowd

Written by Marketing Staff

1. Genuinely inquisitive, always asking why

2. A master listener, understanding that most people love to be heard

3. Very observant and given to detail; able to describe scenes to the blind

4. Seeks truth and accuracy

5. Practices discernment, seeking whether there is more to the story

6. Diligence is your middle name

7. Practices good, balanced, objective judgment; is not given to extremes

8. Accepts accountability

9. Practices empathy, the ability to put yourself in another’s place and understand their story

10. Perseveres no matter what

11. Loves to learn and do research; is news savvy

12. Poised under pressure

13. Understands that everyone has a story to tell

14. Sticks by a high ethical and moral code, and therefore can be trusted

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