June 22, 2009 / Staff Management

Procrastination: avoiding the deadline killer

Written by Mary Lu Foreman

Follow these tips to keep your yearbook staff on task during deadlines.

  • Strive for commitment, not compliance
  • Set short-term goals
  • Set priorities, and stick with them
  • Don’t blow up small problems
  • Be constructive
  • Give praise freely
  • Train staff well and give clear instructions
  • Post tasks where readily accessible

Easy does it

Here are tasks that will make deadlines easier on you and your adviser:

  • post everything: assignments, results, problems, contacts, events calendars
  • check on all staffers daily
  • keep a master list on name spelling in the staff room.
  • put a responsible person in charge of keeping the list of students who have been quoted and pictured
  • think of problems as challenges, and be flexible
  • make sure each staff member understands his/her assignment fully
  • include photographers in all staff meetings
  • make meetings short and to-the-point so staffers can get to work

A good leader

  • knows his/her job
  • is a leader, not a driver
  • explains the how AND why
  • develops people
  • keeps up with progress
  • is honest
  • acknowledges honest effort
  • strives for respect
  • is consistent with all
  • doesn’t promise what can’t deliver
  • doesn’t pass the buck
  • is open-minded
  • communicates ideas, not emotions
  • is a team player

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Mary Lu Foreman