Portland’s beauty awe-inspiring for journalists

Written by Aaron Montes

If the buildings don’t fascinate you in Portland, then the forest and vegetation all around will. For today’s activities the Burges Journalism staff and I went to the Columbia River Gorge, just outside of Portland.

If you recall my previous blog, we come from the desert in west Texas. So, in that sense imagine the awe I felt standing before a waterfall that was over 100 ft. tall. Everything around me was so green and filled with life, unlike the dead grass that I always have to sweep off of my porch in El Paso.

Our tour guide Martin was cool and his presence made our stay much better on the tour because, of his vast knowledge of the area and he knew exactly where to go to give us the best experience. He said that we crossed a point where the final scene of the first Twilight movie was taken.

Anyway, looking from the most scenic points of the tour, I just could not believe how beautiful the area was. Any shot I took from my camera was an instant masterpiece because it was just a beautiful area. Looking down from the mountain points I never thought I could see something so mesmerizing. I wish I had an importer with me lol. I don’t have one to upload stuff so I am probably gonna have to spend $30 tomorrow on something I already have. Oh well……..

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