Portland provides new diversity from status quo

Written by Chase Snider

A group of 15 teenagers left Springfield, Missouri (the global headquarters of Bass Pro Shops), at 5 a.m. to head to the Tulsa International Airport. Why? Simply stated, Springfield is just too rural of a town to fly out of on the way to Portland.

Every year journalism students from across the country attend two NSPA/JEA National conventions that take them to new cultural experiences. This year Portland, Oregon was able to provide the “green” side of life. From an airport that provides an open and natural environment, to a bike friendly, urban, substance filled downtown area, Portland has something for everyone. Here are the top 5 things we like about Portland so far.

  1. Art on every corner. We go into a convention with the plan to take pictures near cool landmarks, fountains, or parks. So far that’s added up to more than 70 unique statue pictures!
  2. The VooDoo Doughnut that provided us with a special kick to our morning.
  3. A free downtown metro; thanks for not charging us to get around such an urban area
  4. Food, food, and, well FOOD. We love how there’s not a chain on every corner, yet a large variety of homegrown, local shops.
  5. The individuality of each person we have met along the way.

For even more on our journey, be sure to check out the Pacemaker nominated khsprairienews.com.

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Portland provides new diversity from status quo http://goo.gl/fb/bQvNd

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