Photoshop Fun: Creating a branded image

Written by Jamie Chambers

Branding or burning an image into a background texture is a fun technique to create texture in items on your pages. In a few simple steps you can learn how to apply this effect to graphics, such as headlines and charts, to add a cool look to your pages.

1. In Photoshop®, open a background texture, such as leather.

2. Find or create an image to burn into the leather background.  You can use one of our pieces of Walsworth ClikArt or create your own. The example uses a stamp graphic with the font AWPCRubberStamp. Make sure it is solid black and on a new layer.


3. Double-click on the layer in the Layers palette to open the Layer Style palette. With Outer Glow selected from the Styles options, click on the Color Picker. Change the color of the Outer Glow by using the eyedropper to select the darkest section of the leather background. Click OK.


4. In the Layer Style palette, change the Blending mode to Multiply, Opacity to 50%, Spread to 25, and size to 10. Click OK.


5. Change the Opacity of the brand layer to 80% to allow some of the leather texture to show through the brand.


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Jamie Chambers

Jamie Chambers faced two career path choices in college, and lucky for Walsworth he chose art over accounting. He has been a creative influence for Walsworth for 17 years, currently as Design & Creative Concepting Supervisor in the Marketing Department. For 10 years, as an artist and supervisor for the Creative Services Department, Jamie traveled to workshops to collaborate with yearbook staffs to develop their covers and theme packages.