Photo by: Jacob Moscovitch

August 3, 2016 / Photo Spotlight / Photography

Photo Spotlight shows school can be fun

Written by Aimee Parsons

Our latest Photo Spotlight takes a closer look at this year’s winner from the Academics category of Walsworth Yearbooks Photo Contest.

A great academics photo shows learning in progress. School work can sometimes be difficult and tedious, but this image (seen above) by Jacob Moscovitch from Westlake High School in Westlake Village, California, shows that learning can be fun and even a bonding time with old or new friends.

The depth of field, vibrant colors and framing also make this photograph great. Wonderful work by Jacob!

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Aimee Parsons

Aimee Parsons is the Yearbook Marketing Manager at Walsworth and has held various other roles within the company. Prior to joining Walsworth, Parsons was a corporate photographer for Burns and McDonnell Engineering and owned and operated her own freelance photography business. Marketing and photography are her passions, which led to her becoming a national award-winning Photo-Editor for The Campus Ledger newspaper at Johnson County Community College and eventually studying commercial photography at Northern Arizona University.