September 16, 1997 / Fall 1997

Organizing Photos Becomes Staff Priority

Written by Marketing Staff

Organizing photos for most yearbook staffs means categorizing them, placing them in a large envelope and then throwing those envelopes into a big box. When a photo is needed, a search ensues, first for the right envelope and then for the photo mixed in among all its counterparts.

That’s no longer the case for the Impressions yearbook staff at Ramblewood Middle School, Coral Springs, Fla. Adviser Mark Raskind has come up with an ingenious alternative.

“One of the problems I was having was with volumes and volumes of photos getting out of order,” Raskind said. “I was pulling my hair out. It’s just always been a problem you have to deal with year after year.”

Raskind has put to use several large photo albums with clear double-sided, slotted sheets. He said each photo album has file dividers for the various sections of the book – academics, student life, sports – and as photos come in, id’s are written on the back and they are placed in the appropriate spot.

“It’s a very efficient system,” Raskind said. “It not only keeps the photos organized, but it also protects them.”

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