Notes in the hallway attract attention for yearbook

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Ever passed a handwritten note in the hallway at school? It might sound old school in the days of texting, messaging and IMing, but the yearbook staff at Ashley High School in Wilmington, N.C., used fake handwritten notes to spread the word about their yearbook this year. And it worked.

Ashley notes

The notes used by the Ashley staff included a $5 coupon.

The staff wrote and dropped their fake notes all over school on one day. Each fake note had a $5 off coupon inside. Students found them in random places everywhere, including the hallway. The staff even took pictures of students finding the notes in the hall and redeeming them. What a fun way to get attention!

They also created fake parking tickets that they placed on the windshields of student cars in the parking lot. This is also a great way to get attention that we’ll feature more in a future post.

According to Ashley adviser Katie Barsaleau, the week the staff dropped the notes and tickets, they sold 30 additional books. Typically for that time of year, they average selling about 10 books a week. Barsaleau was thrilled with the results from such a simple, yet effective marketing technique.

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