January 3, 2018 / Marketing

Newest Walsworth eBook filled with ideas to market and sell your yearbook

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

As yearbook staffs start to trickle back into school this month after a few much-needed weeks off for winter break, the focus will shift to the second half of the school year. All the crucial tasks that go into finishing off this year’s book will take center stage and become the priority.

What should be high on that priority list for many schools is continuing to push your sales efforts. There are still parents and students out there who are procrastinators at heart, who will wait until the last minute to buy the yearbook. But they will buy!

The latest eBook from Walsworth Yearbooks will help you with ideas for keeping your sales and marketing efforts rolling into the second half of the year. Creative Ideas for Selling Your Yearbook is filled with examples from schools that have run successful campaigns and used the tactics cited effectively.

The eBook covers ways to engage your students on social media, show off the value of a yearbook, celebrate school achievements and even create some fun, unique promotions.

Download your free copy of Creative Ideas for Selling Your Yearbook today and then start brainstorming with your staff how you can put the ideas into action at your school.

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Evan Blackwell, CJE

Evan Blackwell, CJE, is the Marketing Automation Supervisor for Walsworth. He's been a writer, editor and web content specialist for Walsworth for the past 15+ years, and is the author of the Yearbook Suite's "The Art of the Interview" unit. Prior to joining Walsworth, Blackwell spent five years as an award-winning newspaper and magazine journalist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas.