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New campaigns from Walsworth to help schools boost yearbook sales

Written by Marketing Staff

Kansas City, Mo. (Aug. 3, 2009) – Walsworth Publishing Company is kicking off the 2009-10 school year by announcing two new campaigns designed to help its schools market their yearbooks and boost their book and ad sales.

The “It’s Worth It” contest will be open to all Walsworth customers, and will award three $1,000 cash prizes to the three yearbook programs who show the highest increase in yearbooks sold, ad pages sold and yearbook options sold compared to last year.

For schools enrolled in the online sales program, Walsworth is launching the Scholarship Sweepstakes. Students or parents from any Walsworth online sales school can register to enter a drawing for one of three $1,000 scholarship prizes, which will be awarded this fall.

“We’re very excited to be offering these two exciting programs, which we believe are going to help the yearbook programs at our schools be more successful,” said Alex Blackwell, Walsworth director of yearbook marketing.

The “It’s Worth It” contest is directly intended to motivate yearbook staffs into increasing their sales. Beginning on Aug. 10, schools can compete in all three of the categories, and any one school can potentially win all three $1,000 prizes. Contest rules state the money must be invested back into the yearbook program, such as for a trip to a journalism workshop or convention, or to buy a camera for the staff. A full list of rules can be seen here.

The contest will be accompanied by a special section within the Idea File blog on the new walsworthyearbooks.com website, which will include stories on how schools have increased their sales, as well as monthly email updates on the contest.

“The best part about this contest is schools don’t have to beat the school across town to have a chance. They just have to beat their own numbers,” said Blackwell. “We want them to be really aware of their own success and be motivated to achieve higher sales than they have before.”

Walsworth’s Scholarship Sweepstakes will be a campaign designed specifically for the company’s online sales schools to reach their consumers – students and parents.

Any student or parent from an online sales school can sign up for the Sweepstakes by going to yearbookforever.com/win and registering, beginning on Aug. 15. There will be three different drawing periods, with random drawings taking place on Oct. 7, Nov. 9 and Dec. 9 to determine the winners of three $1,000 scholarships. There is a limit of one entry per person, however once signed up, an entrant is eligible for all three periods. All the terms and conditions can be read here.

To promote the Sweepstakes, Walsworth is providing its online sales schools with an Online Marketing Tool Kit, which includes posters, fliers, web ads and other materials that carry the theme of capturing a snapshot of high school life and asking if you will remember it “10 years from today.”

“We want to help build awareness about the yearbook with the student body and the parents,” said Blackwell. “The yearbook is important now, but even more relevant later. This is a snapshot in time that will always be archived in the yearbook.”

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