October 4, 2021 / News

National Yearbook Week 2021 – One for the Books!

Written by Paige Rome

What we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, National Yearbook Week!

We want to help you celebrate all the hard work you are doing, and this is the one week a year we’ve set specifically aside to do just that! So, it’s time to take a breath, reflect and appreciate all the great things you’ve accomplished.

Yearbookers are the historians of the school. And we know that with all the dedication and details you put in, this year’s volume is sure to be one for the books. This week we want to make sure that somewhere between crowdsourcing your content, planning your coverage and creating amazing spreads, you celebrate your yearbook victories.

For all those yearbook newbies out there who are wondering, “What exactly National Yearbook Week?” the back story began in 1987 when President Ronald Reagan declared the week of Oct. 4 each year as “National Yearbook Week.” Yep, that’s right – our holiday is so important that it lasts a whole week!

We treat this as a spirit week of sorts but just for yearbookers. If there was ever a time to shout from the rooftops about why you love being in yearbook, now is it. While you’re doing that, we are going to help get your hard work noticed by not just your school but thousands of others. With Walsworth’s Possibilities Photo Contest we’ll be showcasing the winner’s work and giving away some great prizes. The winner will not only receive a $500 Visa® gift card, but they will also have the chance to have their photo featured on the cover of our next Possibilities book! We’ve included the details for our contest below, you won’t want to sit this one out.

What you need to know:

  • We’re looking for high-resolution, vertical photos with a sharp subject in the foreground and preferably a dark, minimalist background.
  • The photo should show what it means to be a student at your school and/or illustrate a student’s personality and passion.
  • We’re looking for creativity, originality and an ability to incorporate the basic rules of photography.
  • Entries will be accepted Oct. 4-8, and each person can enter up to five photos.
  • Winners will be notified the week of Oct. 11.
    • 1st Place: $500 Visa® gift card and the chance to have your photo featured on the cover of Walsworth Possibilities
    • 2nd Place: $250 Visa® gift card
    • 3rd Place: $100 Visa® gift card

Find out more and enter your photos here!

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Paige Rome

Paige Rome is an Associate Copywriter for Walsworth. She loves writing in different voices and advocating for the Oxford comma. She has a habit for humor and enjoys getting to use it in her writing. Paige holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Advertising, both from Kansas State University.