February 22, 2010 / News

Michigan middle schooler wins $1,000 from Walsworth

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Walsworth sweeps 2nd winner

Senaca Middle School yearbook adviser Sharon Mooney (left), with Marissa Lienau (middle) and her teacher Cheryl Valin

This week’s Yearbook Blog shout-out goes to Marissa Lienau from Seneca Middle School in Macomb, Mich., who this month was named the second $1,000 winner in Walsworth’s Student Scholarship Sweepstakes.

Marissa is still only in 8th grade, so the winning check from Walsworth is definitely an early jump on college for her and her family. Which is totally fine with them. In fact, according to Marissa, she’s already started thinking about her future ambitions.

“I want to be in the medical field,” said Lienau. “I just like helping people.”

Sounds good to us! Congratulations, Marissa!

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Michigan middle schooler wins $1,000 from Walsworth http://goo.gl/fb/qQ5d

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