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I'm Lori Mortland, CJE

Central Illinois Yearbook Representative

My Philosophy

Student or teacher: I've been in your shoes. As a senior in high school, my Walsworth rep showed me that publishing a yearbook holds life lessons worth much more than a grade and taught me skills I would use for a lifetime.

In my 14 years as an adviser, I taught to support my yearbook habit. Walsworth offered support, affordability and flexibility that made me feel like a member of the family. I love that we are large enough to accomplish even the wildest yearbook plans, but small enough to know your name when you call. The value placed on service and education with Walsworth is the best in the industry- hands down.

I didn't leave education to work here; I simply changed classrooms. Walsworth is the only company I would have left my own classroom for. If you're not working with Walsworth, you're missing out. It's that simple. Let me show you the difference.

I don't say all this because I work for Walsworth. I work for Walsworth because I've been saying all this for the last 14 years.

Be the Expert with Training Resources

From valuable webinars to timely reminders and marketing ideas, we have the tools you and your yearbook staff need to cover the year.

We want to make your life easier, and this page includes numerous resources to help you with your 2024 yearbook.

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Check out this idea to feature EVERY STUDENT in your building!

Take a look at this guide to creating a profile-style yearbook.

Can it be done? Sure! I've done it! Let me know what I can do to help your staff make a plan for a book that features everyone in depth this year and focuses on the people who make your school unique.


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What People Are Saying...

Knowing we needed extra help, Lori always made herself available and made more visits than I’m sure she wanted. Lori has rejuvenated a love for yearbook at our school, and I very much look forward to working with her in years to come. Anyone is lucky to have her knowledge and skillset as an asset to them.

- Dana Schott, Adviser, Lincolnwood High School, Raymond, Illinois


(Lori) goes above and beyond to help build a staff that is independent, well trained and capable of rocking the yearbook year after year. During my tenure alongside her, we produced award-winning books year after year. Not to mention all the awards she accumulated of her own accord in the years prior. This is evidence of her ability to train an adviser and staff how to produce the very best for the student body.

Yearbooks produced as part of Lori’s team will truly be meaningful keepsakes to the students who own them for years to come. Staff members that she comes into contact with will be inspired and find skills they didn’t know they had. She has inspired many a past staff member to pursue careers in fields they were exposed to through their participation as part of the yearbook.

- Heather Reed, Adviser, Jersey Community High School, Jerseyville, Illinois
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