June 26, 2009 / Idea File Supplement

Litho & Decorated covers

Written by Lyle Vasser

Let’s design, step by step, two of the most popular cover styles.


2004 Mirror
Forest Lake Academy, Apopka, Fla.

Step one: Using a Walsworth Creative Services designer, this school started with dynamic art work that was created in Photoshop. 01
Step two: The theme and name of the book are stamped with hot foil. The light blue foil takes on the reflective quality of water. Perfect for this cover 03
Step three: A grain, with a texture close to water, is applied only to the water area of the design. With gloss lamination, this cover actually looks wet. 03litho

2004 Then and Now
Hale Middle School
Woodland Hills, Calif.

Step one: The decorated process starts with choosing a cover material. Choosing your school’s color is always popular, but definitely not neccesary. 02
Step two: The red area of the design is silkscreened onto the cover. 04
Step three: Silver hot foil is applied to the words Then and Now for visual impact 05
Step four: The theme and year are embossed to add an richness and depth to the cover. 05_litho

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Lyle Vasser