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Level Up your National Yearbook Week celebrations with Walsworth!

Written by Aimee Parsons

It’s National Yearbook Week, aka the best week of the year!

If you are a newbie, you might be asking yourself, what in the world is National Yearbook Week? So, let’s start with the back story. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan declared the week of Oct. 4 each year as “National Yearbook Week.”

Most holidays are a single day, but because yearbooks are so awesome, they get a whole week! Since Oct. 4 doesn’t always start on Monday, we decided to get the most out of this amazing week and celebrate it the first full week of October every year! This year, it starts Oct. 7.

This is our favorite week each year because it’s basically a big spirit week for yearbooks. It’s your chance to tell the world why you love being a yearbooker and to really promote the amazing publication you work so hard on all year long. We’ve been busy making celebration plans [and memes] in honor of this glorious week and we want you to join in on all the fun!

The party plans

Level Up your Yearbook – To help you make your yearbook even more amazing, we are going to help you Level Up certain aspects of your yearbook all week long. That includes design, photography, coverage, writing and marketing!

Follow along and celebrate with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter each day for a variety of helpful tips and tricks. Don’t forget to make sure to celebrate at school too with fun treats and yearbook specials. It’s the perfect week to spread awareness about yearbook and what makes it awesome!

Enter the Why I Love Yearbook Drawing Yearbook advisers, enter our drawing for a chance to win one of four $25 Starbucks gift cards and to be featured in a new eBook! It’s simple, just fill out the form at walsworthyearbooks.com/whyiloveyearbook and tell us why you love yearbook. This drawing is open to all yearbook advisers across the country. We want to hear from you! You have until noon Central on Friday, Oct. 11, to enter.

Snapchat Takeover – Follow us on Snapchat @yearbookforever and watch the yearbook staff from Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida, take over our channel!

A new Theme eBook will drop on Thursday – You’ll be able to gain inspiration from the featured books that will help you Level Up your yearbook game. Make sure to be on the lookout so you can download your free copy!

The Level Up Contest winners will be announced on Friday afternoon – Two lucky schools will be chosen as the winners of the Level Up contest. These schools will receive the Level Up prize package worth $3,500 and become yearbook-famous with us over the next few years as they work to Level Up their book.

Connect with us

Don’t forget to let us know how you are celebrating National Yearbook Week! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and tell us what you’ve got in the works. #NYW2019 #Walsworth #yearbooks #YearbookLevelUp

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Aimee Parsons

Aimee Parsons is the Yearbook Marketing Manager at Walsworth and has held various other roles within the company. Prior to joining Walsworth, Parsons was a corporate photographer for Burns and McDonnell Engineering and owned and operated her own freelance photography business. Marketing and photography are her passions, which led to her becoming a national award-winning Photo-Editor for The Campus Ledger newspaper at Johnson County Community College and eventually studying commercial photography at Northern Arizona University.