November 24, 2006 / Winter 2006

Let’s Talk With – Melissa Coram

Written by Marketing Staff

Melissa Coram is a specialist in the Computer Support Department. She has been with Walsworth for 16 years, and has worked with the PDF process in the commercial and yearbook divisions of Walsworth.

Explain your job.
Coram helps develop the PDF submission process each year, answers customer questions by email, phone and WeCare and updates the customer service representatives on PDF submission.

“I call customers when they are having a lot of trouble setting up their computer for the PDF process. I research problem PDFs that won’t print or that partially print. I alpha and beta test the PDF software. I beta test all other Walsworth products that go to the schools (and) I do workshops in the summer to teach the yearbook adviser and staff how to use software and our enhancements.”

What previous experience helps you in this job?
“I understand the process of the pages once they come into the plant so I know how the customer needs to set the pages up before submitting. I worked in the commercial division of Walsworth for six years prior to joining Computer Support. In the commercial area, I worked strictly with PDF files, prepping them and getting them ready to print.”

Explain how your job directly benefits the customer.
Coram said she helps customers get their pages submitted on time. She answers questions about software, Walsworth Enhancements and web-based services such as Yearbook Connect and Members Only.

“If they have a problem and don’t know how to fix it, they call us, Computer Support. If they want a special effect on their page and don’t know how to create it, they call us.”

What is your favorite part of your job?
“Knowing that I have helped an adviser to understand how to use our products is about the greatest. Sometimes we get calls from advisers that are crying. They have deadlines and don’t know what to do. I tell them, ‘Take a deep breath and don’t worry, we will get through the problem together.’

“I like to be sure they understand what I am doing when I fix their page, so if it happens again, they can fix it on their own.”

Coram goes fishing and camping with her family on summer weekends when she’s not at workshops.
“I started fishing with my husband because it is a good way to get a tan. I mostly went to tan and not fish. Then, I started catching fish and thought,wow, this is really cool. Ever since that day, I spend more time trying to catch fish than sun.”

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