Last day of sessions

Written by Alex Uribe

Days seem sooooo long here!

After what felt like three hours of sleep, my alarm clock on my phone went off and it was time to get up. I was so tired I was even considering skipping breakfast, but my roommates were able to pick me up a little bit, and we all headed down to eat.

We were a bit late when we all headed over and caught the MAX to the Convention Center. Once we got off the MAX, we all basically ran to our first sessions. In my first session, I got a lot of great tips for making page editing better, easier and would get the whole staff involved. Even if I’m graduating, I still can’t wait to tell them, so they can make their lives easier next year.

I have to say that my favorite session of the day was “Will Work For Food.” It was really good to know that all of this hard work, and everything we do can help us make money in the future. Ms. Krislock who taught us the session was really fun. She showed us a lot of mistakes in everyday papers, ads and television shows that could have been avoided. Everything we did was really interactive, and taught us a lot at the same time. She also gave us a lot of information on where to get even more editing tips for grammar, spelling and punctuation. I really liked her class.

After the sessions today, we tried to get in as much of this city as we could, since we’re leaving so soon. We went to Saturday Market, it was amazing how many neat things you could buy there, and the art and graphics were pretty amazing. I really wish we had something like that back at home.

Well, tomorrow is the last day here. Lets see what we can squeeze in our schedule before we have to get to the airport.

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Last day of sessions

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