October 3, 2022 / Employee Spotlight

Jackie Suhr, cover prep technician, makes sure yearbook covers come out just right

Written by Walsworth Staff

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Jackie Suhr

Cover Prep Department – Brookfield, Missouri 

At Walsworth, I currently work in the cover prep area. I input information into our program to create cover applications for school yearbooks and check cover proofs for errors.

I previously worked in desktop and proofreading, but the cover department has been my home away from home for 19 years.

My position deals with yearbook covers only. You would not believe how much information there is in making a cover come to be a complete product!

There are so many cover material options for schools to choose from, then there are other options like four-color, silk screen, embossing, hot foil, holograms, glow in the dark/sun and lamination. Or go all out and make special covers like Trapper Keepers. I make sure all applications are on the cover that have been requested and look for any spelling errors. If there are errors, I prepare the paperwork with corrections for the next department.

I have worked at Walsworth for 28 years.

I started at Walsworth because I wanted to work for a stable company that was well-established where I could make a long-term career.

After several years working here, I took advantage of the educational program Walsworth offers and graduated from legal secretarial school. Previously, I received my associates degree in applied science in business management, all paid for by Walsworth. Walsworth has the programs to help you go as far as you want in the printing industry. I have had two daughters work for the company and the employment offered here is open to all to join our community.

I think the coolest part of my job is seeing the end product of covers. I love to see the creative cover artwork our artists and designers come up with, and a lot of very interesting covers have won awards. We have etched plexiglass covers and laser-cut covers that are fun, but my favorite to date was the Magic-Eight-Ball cover. You could press your hand on the eight ball and a message would appear, just like a Magic Eight Ball.

If I had a personalized coffee mug at work, it would say “Creativity is all in the beholder’s eye”

What I love most about my job is the employees I work with. This is my second family. We may disagree about some things, but, in the end, it’s okay to agree to disagree.

A fun fact about me is I like to watch crime shows about unsolved mysteries. The doubt is always there regarding who did it and why. Another fun fact is I have always loved going fast and used to ride my own motorcycle. I have done some crazy stuff that I would have gotten a ticket for, but now that I am older and no longer ride, I still love the sound of the pipes.

I am married to my husband who is a long-haul truck driver. We have three dogs, three daughters, and we have grandkids and great grandkids. My children have a quirky sense of humor and we have lots of good laughs when we are together.

When I’m not at work, I love to watch documentaries and read about history and current events. I am not a sports fan, but my favorite read was about Babe Ruth. I also love to visit with my great grandchildren. Our family time is both rewarding and funny.

I like to contribute to my community by donating to local charities, school functions and Senate Bill 40.

Some favorite memories I have here are our holiday parties. I love our Halloween parties where all departments come together to participate. A lot of people dress up and prizes are given. At Christmas time, we have bake offs. My favorite memory was the time Walsworth employees contributed to making a cookbook. I still look at that today and remember the people who have since retired or passed and remember them fondly by making their recipes.


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