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J.W. Mitchell celebrates arrival of yearbook

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Another fun account of the yearbook staff and school having a great time with the delivery of this year’s yearbook can be found with this article from today’s St. Petersburg Times about J.W. Mitchell High School.

As the story points out, the yearbook always seems to have special meaning for the seniors, just as it has this year at Mitchell.

“There’s so much of high school in here. It feels like it was forever ago, but it wasn’t,” said Sabrina Christofilis.

Has the yearbook arrived at your school yet? Did your school have a yearbook signing party?

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May 19, 2010 at 1:57 pm, yearbookforever said:

J.W. Mitchell celebrates arrival of yearbook

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May 25, 2010 at 6:13 am, Robi Rego said:

We don’t have a formal signing party at our school, but my staff distributes books all on the same day to each of the three schools on our campus. Staff members do this so they can experience first-hand the excitement and praise of the recipients. We like to hand books out on a Friday so that students have time to actually read the book before all of their friends add their signatures.

Middle school students receive their books first during their homeroom period and sign them throughout the day. My staff next delivers books to the lower school students and different teachers hold classroom signings according to their schedules. Most have designated signing times for their students, and many kids use the autograph sheets since many families share books.

Distribution for high school comes at lunch. It’s hectic and fun as the word get out quickly and lines form in the halls even before students think of eating. Kids look through the book, and the rest of the period is spent signing. Since they have free rein over the building, students can get a lot of signatures at this time. This goes on for the rest of the year as they continue to sign between classes and after exams.

The noise level at lunch is normally high, but this day is different. One mom who happened to come by as we were handing out the books went upstairs and then came by our tables to comment, “You’ve silenced the whole high school.” That’s a compliment!

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