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Inspiration begins with brainstorming

Written by Marketing Staff

Like any creative endeavor, yearbooks thrive on ideas. Designs, photos, articles, themes – all the elements of a yearbook need them.

The thoughts generated from frequent brainstorming sessions are the lifeblood of any publication. It’s crucial that the staff holds these sessions often. Just because the theme has been determined doesn’t mean the need for brainstorming is finished.

What about story topics? What about marketing strategies? The need will be there throughout the year.

Here are some rules and tips to remember about the brainstorming process:

  • Have a clear topic and goal in mind, and make sure it is explained to everybody.
  • Encourage participation from everybody in the room.
  • Do NOT allow criticism of an idea.
  • Start by compiling a lengthy list of ideas. Don’t throw any out.
  • Make sure someone is in charge of writing down thoughts. Use a dry erase board, blackboard or just simply take written notes on paper.
  • Don’t start getting into in-depth discussion about any one idea, or eliminating ideas, until your entire list has been compiled.

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