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What Was Your Biggest Fear?

This infographic was created as a part of the 1992 Decamhian in the freshmen portrait section. Rather than do a feature or a Q & A format, the editorial staff decided they would use infographics to cover topics pertinent to specific classes. One hundred twenty freshmen were surveyed on the topic of “freshmen fears.” Although the results are displayed well pictorially, a weakness of this infograph is that the various results are not differentiated by the size of each element. For example, the “too much homework” picture should be four times larger than the “getting lost” picture since 32 percent is four times eight percent.


Do You Smoke?

This infographic was created as a part of the “Real Life” section in the 1993 Decamhian. The editorial staff determined they wanted to do a better job of covering issues that were beyond the traditional scope of reporting. The spread that this inforgraphic appeared on carried stories about partying, smoking and racially motivated hate crimes. The staff randomly surveyed over 300 students at each grade level in a variety of different English classes. In the infographic itself, the survey results are emphasized by contrasting the size of the significant elements. The bottle was oversized to emphasize the large percentage of students who drink, while the cigarette was made very small to contrast the lower percentage of smokers. As the 1998 staff looked at this infographic, they were astounded that the percentage of smokers was so low. It is clear to them how much it has increased in the past five years and inspired them to do their own survey in this year’s book.


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