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Indiana yearbook staff finishes writing school’s final chapter

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

When the yearbook staff at Highland High School in Anderson, Ind., started on their 2010 yearbook back in the fall, they settled on the theme “Faces of Highland.”

That plan changed, and the staff’s job became a bit more daunting, when their local School Board voted in December to turn their school in to a junior high beginning with the 2010-11 school year. Highland High School would be no more, and the 2010 yearbook became the “Final Edition.”

This feature article in the local newspaper, The Herald Bulletin, chronicles a little bit of what the yearbook staff has gone through for the last few months as they have put together the final Highland yearbook.

From the account in The Herald Bulletin, it seems to safe to say that many of the staff members didn’t anticipate signing on for a historical duty like chronicling the final year in their school’s history, but now they are taking pride in the responsibility.

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Indiana yearbook staff finishes writing school’s final chapter

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