May 27, 2009 / InDesign / Spring 2009

In Step with InDesign – A real page turner

Written by Idea File Staff

Use curled page edges to create a three-dimensional, page-turning effect in InDesign.


1. With the Pen tool, draw the corner of the page as if it were curling back. Use a stroke of 0.5 pt. Be sure the corners of the page line up with the edges of the page.

2. Apply a linear gradient to the artwork, with the gradient blending from 50% black to white back to 50% black. You also can adjust these settings to your liking.

3. Apply a Drop Shadow Effect to the page curl with an opacity of 50%, a distance of 0.1 inch, size of 0.25 inch and spread of 20%. Again, you also can adjust these settings to your liking.

4. Add an image to your document. Make sure the image is arranged behind your page-curl artwork.

5. Add more imagery for the revealed page, making sure this artwork is added behind the page curl.


Idea File Staff

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