November 17, 2010 / Latino Marketing

In-school contests help promote yearbook sales to the Latino community

Written by Aimee Parsons

Maybe it is time to try something totally different to generate more yearbook and ad sales, something that is fun and unique.

In-school contests can be a great way to catch the eye of your Latino community while promoting yearbooks purchases. Be creative while thinking about what contests you can run. You can consider something new, or a new twist on old ideas.

For example, what about raffle drawings? Not like the same old school raffle drawing of buy a ticket and get a chance to win a gift basket, a day at the spa or any other random prize from  your school. Take it up a notch: for every yearbook a parent buys, they get a chance to win a free yearbook ad. Or, for every ad a parent buys, they get a chance to win a free yearbook. This should generate more sales, and also help increase yearbook awareness by your school community.

Staff contests are another great way to get your sales moving. Have your yearbook sales team compete against each other for different prizes. For example, the staffer who sells the most yearbooks throughout the year could win a gift card to a restaurant, a popular hangout or extra credit points. You may even want to go one step further and say for every 200 (or any number you chose) yearbooks sold, you will throw your yearbook class a pizza party and movie day. Food is a great motivator for teenagers.

Remember, the Latino community cherishes their bonitos recuerdos (beautiful memories). You and your staff need to show them that the yearbook encompasses all the great school memories throughout the year and entice them to buy in any way you can.

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Aimee Parsons