Human billboards an easy, low-cost way to promote yearbook sales

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We’ve all seen them when we drive past a Little Caesar’s or Jiffy Lube – people standing outside businesses holding signs or even wearing costumes advertising the business. Human billboards are becoming more and more popular.

Calvary Baptist Day School

Yearbook staff members from Calvary Baptist Day School recently promoted their yearbook sale by holding signs in the parking lot before school.

This idea can work wonderfully for a yearbook staff, and it recently did for some North Carolina schools. Walsworth yearbook representative Keri Artz challenged her schools to give the idea a shot at their school, and each one that did would be entered into a drawing for prizes.

Several of the North Carolina schools did, including Calvary Baptist Day School, Western Rockingham Middle School, Rockingham Early College High School and Monroeton Elementary – all taking signs and banners promoting yearbook sales and standing in the parking lot before school.

It’s easy, inexpensive and sure to draw attention when your staff members are standing out there in front of school themselves with promotional yearbook signs. One key tip – make sure it’s a high traffic area where students get dropped off and arrive for the day.

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December 10, 2010 at 4:44 pm, Tori Valdez said:

That’s really smart!!!! I’m definitely going top suggest that to my Yearbook Staff!

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