September 28, 2008 / Fall 2008 / Photoshop/Illustrator

How do you do that? Spray painting

Written by Idea File Staff

Create a simple spray paint effect that can be used to spice up fonts and graphics.

1. Start with a background image. The background image can be solid or have texture, such as the rock used here.

2. Type your text, in this case, “Class of 2009.” Be sure to choose a thick font. If the letters are too thin, the words may become illegible. It is also important that the color you choose for the type contrasts with the background.

3. Duplicate the “Class of 2009” layer.

4. While still on the duplicate text layer, go to Filter, then Blur, then Gaussian Blur. You will be asked to rasterize the type. Click OK.

5. Once in the Gaussian window, set the Radius to approximately 50 pixels. Click OK.

6. From the Layer Blending mode options, choose Dissolve.

7. Select the copy on the original “Class of 2009” layer and delete it from the “Class of 2009” copy layer. Make sure you turn the “Class of 2009” layer off when finished.

8. Repeat steps three through six for the dancing girl silhouette.

Idea File Staff

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