October 29, 2012 / Fall 2012 / Online Design

How do you do that? Adding special effects to images

Written by Elizabeth Braden, CJE

You have plenty of tools to adjust and jazz up your photos in Online Design when you use Pixlr in the Image Editor area. Remember to grant the proper permissions to staff members who need to use all the Image functions.

For this exercise, let’s say your theme is “Insight,” and the title of your sports section is “Inspire.” For each division spread you want to take one photo, a different one for each section, but give it the same treatment. Try this.

1. Click the Images tab in Online Design.

2. Select one of your images in the Candids area.

3. To open the Image Editor, click the pencil icon in the lower right area of the screen.

pixler 3web

4. After the image opens in Pixlr, the options – Adjustment, Effect, Overlay, Border, Sticker and Text – will appear along the bottom of the screen. Click Effect, then Creative, then Artfunkel, then Apply.

pixler 4web

5. You decide to write your section title on this image. To write it yourself, click Adjustment, then Doodle. To use available type, click Text, then click one of the seven type style options. Write the word “Inspire” in the box provided. Move the box to position the copy.

pixler step 5

6. Once you are done editing, click the Save button in the upper left corner. An updated version of your image with a –Pixlr extension will appear in the Unassigned folder of your Images area. Since your subject is on a separate layer, it will still appear in full color.

pixler end image

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December 04, 2012 at 4:53 pm, kaijah givens said:

love it great picture shots


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