How did they do that – Creating contrast

Written by Idea File Staff

A unique way to make images pop is to contrast them. The staff at J.W. Mitchell High School in New Port Richey, Fla., combined the techniques of cut-out-backgrounds, color/black and white, drop shadows and repetition on several spreads, including this cross country spread featured in Caught Our Eye on page 38.

1. Bring the photo into Photoshop and change the the image mode to grayscale.

2. Outline the desired part of the image using the Magnetic Lasso tool.

3. Save selection as a clipped image.

4. Place the clipped image into InDesign using the Place command.

5. Click on the image and apply a drop shadow for a 3-D

As you can see, the directions are fairly simple. The tricky part is selecting which images to highlight and contrast using this effect.

Idea File Staff

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