May 14, 2012 / Marketing Stuff

Here’s a checklist to help plan a problem-free yearbook distribution event

Written by Susan Wuckowitsch

It’s that crazy-yet-magical time of year – time for yearbooks to be distributed into the excited hands of the students who can’t wait to see themselves and their friends.

The checklist below was created to help you plan and host the most problem-free distribution event ever.

Best of luck with yearbook distribution!

Distribution Event Checklist

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May 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm, Rachel Carrico said:

Hoping to get a different file version of the checklist! Every time I try to print it, an error occurs and I’m not able to print the checklist. 🙁

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Susan Wuckowitsch

Susan Wuckowitsch is a misplaced Texan brought to Kansas City by meat (like many people). Several years in meat sales and even more at advertising agencies taught her valuable lessons, including how to sell. She makes her parents proud by actually using her marketing degree from the University of Texas as a Marketing Supervisor for Walsworth Yearbooks. During her 10 years at Walsworth, she has combined her experience and education with a natural love of helping people to work with schools on how to spread the joy of yearbooks to reluctant purchasers.