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Help is Close at Hand

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All of the advisers interviewed for this story really liked PDF submission and will continue to use the process. They also raised points that they said would make PDF submission better for them. Alex Blackwell, director of Desktop Technology, described improvements for the 2004-2005 school year.

Most importantly, the advisers said they would like better communication with the plant. While all of Walsworth’s Computer Support technicians are trained in PDF creation and submission, two positions have been added in support of the program. A PDF support specialist will be available as a liaison between the plant and the customer, and a PDF performance manager will be responsible for the training and support of PDF submission.

The support specialist will be the person Customer Service representatives will call to research and solve PDF problems. Then, either the Customer Service representative or the support specialist will contact the customer.

Also, customers calling Computer Support at 800-369-1530 will be given PDF as an option when contacting that department. The support specialist, and all the trained computer support technicians, will be able to help answer questions about PDF.

The PDF performance manager will be responsible for computer support, documentation support, training for Walsworth yearbook representatives so they can assist schools, and be available to customers.

During the summer, Walsworth yearbook representatives received training in PDF submission, and they will receive continuing training via webcasts. So your representative should be another valuable resource for your PDF questions.

Blackwell said Yearbook Connect handles other issues raised by advisers. For example, some advisers said they thought they were uploading to the correct place, but they had not gone deep enough into the folders. Blackwell said schools on the Yearbook Connect program will find that once the sender clicks upload, the pages intuitively go to the correct place.

Yearbook Connect also provides a history log that allows advisers to view the status of pages from their Yearbook Connect account. This will enable advisers to better track the pages they have submitted.

Advisers who submitted their PDF pages using Yearbook Connect thought the website was a little confusing. Changes have been made for this school year that will make navigation easier.

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