December 2, 2010 / Why Didn't I Think of That?

Hastings sells yearbook with bright colors and candy

Written by Marketing Staff

Yearbook adviser Cathy Davis from Hastings High School in Hastings, Neb., recently dropped us a line to tell us all about the steps her staff has taken to increase sales this year. They’ve used a variety of creative techniques.

Hastings t-shirt

The Hastings yearbook staff wore bright shirts and handed out candy to promote yearbook sales. (Photo provided by Cathy Davis)

After making the decision to go from a summer/fall yearbook to a spring yearbook and to begin offering online sales, the staff knew it had vital information to share with customers. So they created a bright yellow sheet with all the new sales information and instructions and distributed it every way they knew how – through the school newsletter, on the school website, at open house and at parent-teacher conferences.

The Hastings staff utilized the idea of eye-catching bright colors again when editor Alex Rodriguez designed florescent yellow and pink T-shirts for the staff with the message “What will you remember?” on the front and “Buy your yearbook today!” on the back. The staff wore the shirts to school one day, and greeted students at every entrance with a piece of candy labeled with a “Remember to buy your yearbook! $50!” card.

Think the Hastings staff is serious? They have also created a Facebook page for the yearbook this year, and even sent out text messages promoting the yearbook sale.

According to Davis, they have never tried marketing efforts like this in the past but the staff has really gotten behind it and it is resulting in increased online sales of the book.

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