Hanging out in the Walsworth booth

Written by Yearbook Wally

Wow! On Thursday the most hopping booth at the convention was the Walsworth booth. I made friends Wally with stafferswith other yearbookers as they checked out ideas in yearbooks from schools across the country.

There were these awesome huge bean bag chairs that I’m pretty sure I want to bring home with me. Not sure how I am going to get them on the plane with me but I will figure out a way.

Wally and the sargeI played Whamboozal, this cool game where you answer trivia questions, act out like charades, draw pictures, spell. You could win this light up flashy wand thing that everyone wanted. The game could get pretty loud! I was the Whamboozal Master. I even got to help run the game!

At one point I decided to hide in a plant that was in the booth. It was fun to be stealthy and hidden and watch people do what yearbookers do their thing. I even made friends with Master Sargent Witherspoon who was at the Army booth. He was super nice and works at the Pentagon. I asked him what that was like and he said it’s both cool and not as cool as you would think. You do get to see a lot of important people, but you always have to be on your best behavior.

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