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April 7, 2010 / Staff Management

Guide your yearbook with a staff manual

Written by Idea File Staff

One of the most important reference materials for a well-run yearbook is a detailed handbook for staff members – a manual that provides answers to the basic questions they will encounter throughout the year.

Policies, rules, job descriptions and procedures should all be in the staff manual. Right now, in the spring, the outgoing yearbook staff should be reviewing the manual and starting the new one for next year’s staff.

Obviously, the staff handbook should be a detailed, inclusive document, since it will be the first place the staff goes to get information. This list of items is a good start for the type of information you can include:

  • Yearbook policies at the beginning, possibly including a mission statement, goals
  • Job descriptions and duties
  • Writing style guidelines, including standards for punctuation, capitalization, titles, etc.
  • Design rules covering items such as fonts and columns
  • Ad policy covering content, format, billing and payment practices
  • Deadline schedule
  • Staff list with contact information
  • School faculty and staff names and contact information

The following PDFs from Walsworth’s The Yearbook Suite curriculum are examples of the types of documents that could potentially be utilized in a staff manual.

Common sense guidelines

General staff policy

Style guide example

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