July 10, 2009 / Design

Grid mania

Written by Marketing Staff

Nine Grids
This spread utilizes nine grids on each page with the story crossing four grids. Notice the rails on each side of the body copy, which frame the element. All captions occupy one grid, further developing the vertical look of this spread.


Ten Grids
Based on a 10-grid format, this spread uses more horizontal photographs to balance the strong vertical story on the left. Notice the extra grid between the story and the sidebar makes a nice home for a caption. Captions on this spread use varying column widths.


Twelve Grids
A narrow two-grid side bar helps to bring a vertical element to the story block of this spread. Without it, the story block would be too gray. All captions follow a strong vertical format, utilizing just one grid. However, it would be possible to utilize varying column width for captions.


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