September 28, 2012 / Copywriting / Yearbook Zen

Get help with your yearbook copy

Written by Alex Blackwell

We all have special talents. In my house, if the kitchen faucet needs to be replaced, that task goes to my wife. But when our daughter needs help with an essay, I’m the one to help out. It’s this way with most families, and it’s probably this way with your family at home, and with your family at school – your yearbook staff.

As we head into October, I’m sure your staff is working hard to make their creative ideas come alive. Their focus is most-likely on designing pages, taking the best photographs, and creating a cover that will capture your yearbook’s theme perfectly. But what about your copy? Telling the story of the year through stories and captions is important; however, this is one area where some staffs struggle because yearbook copy writing is different than most writing styles.

yearbookzen copySo, if you or your staff members need a little extra help with writing an effective headline, caption or story, the Walsworth writing professionals will offer our special talents on Tuesday, Oct. 9. We are calling this day Get Your Copy Right Day as part of National Yearbook Week.

Participating is easy. Here’s how:

  • Click here to read the article with all the Get Your Copy Right Day details.
  • In the Comments area below the article, leave your name, email and a brief message telling us the type of assistance you need.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your scheduled 20-minute session.

During your session, you are welcome to send actual copy so we can help with editing or offer suggestions for improvement. We can also do quick overviews on how to write an eye-grabbing headline or the parts of a good caption.

It is our pleasure to share our special talents with you. By the way, if you know how to replace a faucet, I would like a quick overview so I can impress my wife the next time one starts leaking.

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Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell has built his career around providing customers with helpful solutions, and is currently Walsworth's Vice President of Marketing and Communications, overseeing all marketing. He began his career as a teacher and yearbook adviser in his home state of Virginia, before joining Walsworth as a sales rep.