June 21, 2016 / Cover Spotlight / Design

Get a feeling for the Kiski Area cover in this week’s Spotlight

Written by Jamie Chambers

In this week’s Cover Spotlight, we’re looking at the cover from the 2016 Campus of Kiski Area High School in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.

I like the earthy colors and the rich textures that were created on this cover, which you can see above. It combines the printed textures with multilevel embossing to create the effect that the cover is made up of various levels of metal. The embossed rivets are also a nice touch!

This cover was printed on a Luminaire White linen, giving the whole cover a metallic sheen.

The Kiski staff also did a great job incorporating elements from the cover to the inside of the book. The theme is “that feeling you get” and the “feeling” of the book is carried into the contents by the use of the fonts and textures from the cover.

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Jamie Chambers

Jamie Chambers faced two career path choices in college, and lucky for Walsworth he chose art over accounting. He has been a creative influence for Walsworth for 17 years, currently as Design & Creative Concepting Supervisor in the Marketing Department. For 10 years, as an artist and supervisor for the Creative Services Department, Jamie traveled to workshops to collaborate with yearbook staffs to develop their covers and theme packages.