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Fun with Photos

Written by Marketing Staff

Who says photos have to stay in boxes?

The Minnewaukan yearbook staff at Baraboo H.S., Baraboo, Wis., came up with a fun, clever way to present senior baby pictures.

“Our original idea was to visit a nearby elementary school playground and take our yearbook staff photos on the various pieces of equipment,” Marlys Greenhalgh, adviser, explained.

The yearbook staff chose a beautiful fall day and had a great time shooting pictures of the staff posed on see-saws, monkey bars and the merry-go-round.

It was during this activity they had an epiphany: how cool would it be to cut out the senior baby pictures and put them on photo backgrounds of the playground?

Greenhalgh’s staff sells baby pictures as a yearbook fundraiser. Parents or students buy the space for their baby picture.

“This year, we had four pages of senior baby pictures, and we already knew we wanted to cut them out and place them on a background to make the spreads more fun. After visiting the playground, it seemed the ideal setting for our senior babies, Greenhalgh said.

Using Photoshop, the yearbook staff cut out each senior baby picture and placed them on ground equipment in the background photo, giving the spread movement, fun and a sense of unity.

They even took it a step further, creating an interactive “mystery baby” guessing game. Each baby picture has a number, but the students’ names are not listed on the page. The reader has to guess who the babies are, and can look up the answers on a separate key.

“Both students and other people in the community who buy the yearbook love trying to guess who the babies are,” Greenhalgh said.

Not only did this activity provide great staff “bonding” time, they also found a way to liven up the senior spreads.

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