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Four more winners named for February in Walsworth’s Promotion Commotion contest

Written by Marketing Staff

Kansas City, Mo. (March 15, 2011) – Walsworth Publishing named the four drawing winners for February in the Promotion Commotion yearbook marketing contest.

The Promotion Commotion contest encourages yearbook staffs to implement a variety of proven marketing tactics that will help them sell more books, ads and yearbook options by giving them a chance to win prizes in monthly drawings, simply for using those tactics.

Promotion Commotion artworkHere are the four winners for February and the marketing tactics they used:

1st prize – Nikon Digital Camera

  • Lyman High School, Longwood, Fla. – Used Customized Marketing with a home mailing, completed a telephone all-call, set up a kiosk/sales table, created a yearbook Facebook page, put up a Hit List poster in the cafeteria showing students that they are in the yearbook

2nd prize – FlipCam Camcorder

  • Athens Drive High School, Raleigh, N.C. – Used Email Marketing, created a promotional yearbook video, created a yearbook Facebook page, used a window display to show the index and photographs from the book, as well as display spreads

3rd prize – $75 spending spree at Target

  • Kings High School, Kings Mill, Ohio – Used Email Marketing, completed a telephone all-call, used Customized Marketing with a home mailing, created a yearbook Facebook page, created a promotional yearbook video

4th prize – $50 gift card for pizza party

  • Artesia High School, Lakewood, Calif. – Used Marketing to Latino Parents materials, completed a telephone all-call, set up a kiosk/sales table, used Customized Marketing with a home mailing, visited senior classes to promote senior ads and yearbook sales

Monthly prize drawings will continue through April and each school that enters Promotion Commotion also becomes eligible for the Grand Prize. The school that shows the biggest increase in yearbook sales from last year will win $500 for the school’s yearbook program, and that staff’s student marketer will win a $500 scholarship. Please note that the student marketer must be designated in Members Only to be eligible for the scholarship.

Full Promotion Commotion details, including the ways to get entered into the drawings, can be found in the contest launch announcement.

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