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Former yearbook editor faring well in Jeopardy’s college tournament

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Today’s Yearbook Blog shout-out goes to Ryan Stoffers, a sophomore at UCLA and a former editor of the yearbook at Walsworth school Saratoga High in Saratoga, Calif.

Stoffers recently became a contestant and is currently competing on the college edition of Jeopardy, and he was victorious in his first round earlier this week, racking up a total of $20,311.

Stoffers is now through to the semi-finals. The winner of the final round earns $100,000. A long-time fan of the show, Stoffers said he spent several hours studying and preparing.

“The onstage experience was a ton of fun. It goes by in a flash,” Stoffers told the Saratoga Falcon, his old high school’s newspaper.

Stoffers’ experience this week just proves what advisers and staffs have been saying for years – yearbook kids are pretty smart!

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