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Following yearbook delivery season via Twitter

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

May means delivery season for spring yearbooks. That means anticipation for the book, and all the fun that comes with yearbook signing!

Which makes it another perfect time to check in with the Twitter-verse and get a gauge of what the yearbook peeps are saying as their yearbooks are rolling into school.

@Janna_Ramma: The yearbooks are amazing (and in full color), and I’m in it twice. Note to self: be in more clubs next year.

@vitagirl: RT @shellebell3: The great thing about yearbooks is that no matter how much of a witch someone is to you, they always write something nice

@hihileila: yearbooks are shipping by the end of the week! followers, i am warning you in advance, i will be twitpic-ing like crazy once they get here.

@heatherhofmann: omg i finished looking at my middle school & yearbooks kids were really chubby & little awww i miss middle school 22 MORE DAYS TILL my b-day

@Guitarsmylife: I got my school yearbook today! It’s huge! Good thing I pre-paid for it. lolZ.

@jessicaboots: So we got our yearbooks today & usually u try 2 find ur own picture 1st. Well, the 1st page I flip 2 trying 2 find mine had Gaga on it. lmao

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Following yearbook delivery season via Twitter

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