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Five Simple Ideas for… Keeping yearbook fun in the spring

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Talk to yearbook advisers and there seems to be little debate – February and March can be really stressful months for the staff.

Spring delivery books are scrambling to hit their final deadlines, and the workload has started to ramp up for summer delivery books. So the question becomes: what can the yearbook staff do to keep from pulling their hair out?

Keeping yearbook funHere are some ways you can battle the spring stress and make the second half of the year much more enjoyable.

  1. Celebrate the spring holidays. There are opportunities to have some holiday fun in the spring. On Valentine’s Day, the staff can exchange homemade cards. On St. Patrick’s Day, make sure everybody dresses in green.
  2. Get outside! By the time March rolls around, your area may be starting to get some warmer weather. Take breaks and head outdoors. Maybe hold a staff meeting outside on a sunny day.
  3. Bring in food on deadline nights. Whenever those stressful deadline days come around and everyone has to work a little late, food will help the staff loosen up a bit. On work nights, order a pizza or have everybody bring in treats.
  4. Mix in some games. A staff that is mixing in fun with all the work will be much more productive. Have some board games around the yearbook room so the staffers can take a break and play from time to time.
  5. Turn on the music. So maybe you don’t want music constantly playing in the yearbook room because it’s a distraction. No problem, but you can still turn on the tunes occasionally. On a particularly stressful day, what about encouraging the staff members to do some karaoke? Laughs, and FUN, will follow.

2 Responses to “Five Simple Ideas for… Keeping yearbook fun in the spring”

February 06, 2012 at 10:01 am, Johnna Stanton said:

I am the adviser of our school’s yearbook and just wrapped up a successful first semester getting lots of our yearbook done.

I am teaching a second semester of yearbook. This is brand new (I didn’t even know about it until the week I was told I was teaching it!) and has all new kids in it. I need helping finding ways to make this an interesting and relevant class. Help!
Johnna Stanton

February 13, 2012 at 3:31 pm, Mitch Dickey said:

What my yearbook class does to keep things interesting is we have game days and all we do is play risk…. ALL DAY.
We also wear pink on wednesday… thats my favorite color.

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