Five Simple Ideas for… keeping the yearbook staff busy during the summer

Written by Marketing Staff

Summer is here, and for most that certainly means sun, fun and time off to relax and recharge for next year.

However, there can still be a little bit of time for the yearbook staff to get some work done. Before you know it, the new school year will be here and it will pay to be ready. Here are five productive ways the yearbook staff can stay busy while still enjoying their summer:

  1. Work on summer stories. As retired adviser Kathy Craghead writes in more detail here, summer coverage is important and there are plenty of interesting stories. Talk to students with cool summer jobs, or those taking a great summer trip.
  2. Attend a workshop. Summer yearbook workshops are the perfect place for team-building, learning and brainstorming for a theme. If not signed up yet, it might not be too late to find one in your area.
  3. Build a social media presence. If you have been too busy during the school year to build a Facebook page for Yearbook_keeps_busy_summeryearbook, take the time to create one during the slower summer months.
  4. Plan a yearbook staff retreat. Lots of yearbook staffs, especially those with a lot of new faces, will plan a weekend retreat before the new school year starts as a team-builder. Often, this can be an overnight campout.
  5. Look for design ideas. While you enjoy your time off, it never hurts to keep an eye out for fresh design trends you can use in the yearbook. Think about that with magazines and images you see while browsing at the bookstore or coffee house.

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