Fabulous Photography Webinar

Improve your yearbook photography and prepare for the 2023 Walsworth Photo Contest!
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Photo by Olivia Caulder

Fabulous Photography Webinar

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About this webinar

Special Consultant and all-around yearbook expert Jim Jordan is joined by Walsworth Yearbooks Sales Representative and former adviser Jill Chittum, as well as Jim McCrossen, an expert photography instructor and yearbook adviser at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, Kansas.

They discuss ways to improve your yearbook photography in the second half of the school year and how those skills might help you excel in Walsworth’s spring photo contest.

Topics covered include:

  • Camera equipment
  • How to get dynamic reaction shots
  • How to photograph spring sports
  • Getting great photos with multiple subjects in them
  • Shooting in situations with less-than-ideal lighting