March 17, 2010 / 2010 CSPA / Walsworth Live

Exciting new concepts opened up on first day of CSPA

Written by Dillon Patel

Day 1 at CSPA ended with a new mindset about the concept of journalism and possibilities.

The rules that have regimented design and copy in the past have expanded and I really learned new ways of how to properly “bend” them.

I enjoyed the implementation of new media and social networking into the making of a publication, especially how Facebook can be a very useful tool in widening coverage and raising interest in the school’s newspaper or yearbook.

However, my favorite session of the day was “Forward-Thinking Design” taught by Bruce Watterson, because the presentation gave an amazing outlook on carrying design techniques from a magazine to a yearbook, as well as creating unity in a spread.

Dillon Patel