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Endless Inspiration, Endless Possibilities

Written by Marketing Staff

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Possibilities, volume 9. This bi-annual publication has been providing it since 2006. Now the latest volume is hot off the press and sure to generate yearbook excitement and creativity in your staff, and it has more to show than ever before. With over 950 examples from 342 incredible schools, there’s something to catch everyone’s eye in Possibilities’ 352 pages.

What’s Inside?

To sum it up, the book is packed full of amazing yearbooks. But since carrying around 342 of them might get heavy (we’re all about safety), we picked our favorite items from some of the best yearbooks in the country. We literally combed through thousands of yearbooks to bring you examples that will leave you in awe, all wrapped in a gorgeous hardbound package that also showcases some of the latest in printing trends and capabilities. You’ll find Spot Grit UV, which adds a unique gritty texture to specific elements, on our cover and divider pages. You will also see short-trimmed endsheets, Spot Gloss UV, hot foil, debossing and more.

“Our goal when creating Possibilities is to help schools enhance their vision of what their yearbook could be. We want them to dream big and also to know that they shouldn’t limit themselves, because the possibilities of what they can create are endless,” Yearbook Marketing Manager Aimee Parsons said.

More than Just a Pretty Face

While the book is undeniably fun for any yearbook aficionado to peruse, it’s also an educational resource, especially for schools who want to improve their book. Every yearbook that Walsworth prints that won a national award this year is featured in Possibilities.

Possibilities is a great tool for advisers and staffs to see and learn from the beautiful work staffs around the country are creating. Imaginative design. Insightful writing. Stellar photography. In-depth coverage. You’ll be inspired and realize that you too can take your book to a higher level,” Walsworth special consultant and former award-winning adviser Jim Jordan said.

One of the things we love most about Possibilities is getting to show off how amazingly talented our schools are. Yearbook staffs had to overcome so many obstacles to produce a book in 2021, so to see it done and done so well is a remarkable achievement. We believe that recognition matters to educators, and we see students celebrating their success when the book arrives in the classroom.

“I was blown away by these yearbooks. Each page often had something outstanding that I wanted to include. It made me wish I could go back to my own days as a yearbook editor to implement the ideas I saw reflected in these books, and it challenges us as a company to make sure the items we produce are relevant and fresh. These advisers, editors and staff members are incredible, and they deserve to be recognized for all their hard work,” Possibilities managing editor Jenica Hallman, CJE, said.

Once schools receive their copies, we love to see their excitement in social media posts. Pro tip: Be sure to tag us in your social media posts and use the hashtags #Walsworth #Possibilities so we can celebrate with you! And if you have reaction photos of opening the book, please share them with us by emailing them to

Coming to a Classroom Near You

If you would like to see Possibilities, volume 9, for yourself, contact your local Walsworth representative or fill out this form on our website and a rep will contact you. We hope you enjoy looking through the pages as much as we enjoyed making them. And to all of our schools, congratulations on a job well done!

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